Evoked potentials analysis


Could we get an Excel table data about minimum and maximum amplitude and their latencies in marked time interval for few marked leads when we investigate evoked potentials?



You can use the process “Extract > Find maximum in time”, then right-click on the new files > File > Export to file.
If Excel is properly installed on your computer, it may allow to export as .xls. Otherwise, select an ASCII format and import it in Excel.

To merge multiple files, you can use the process “Extract > Extract values”


Hi …

I have spontaneous auditory raw MEEG data without evoked or event related to it. It is possible to do source localisation analysis?

The minimum norm source estimation is independent on the recordings, you can apply this to your continuous recordings. However, you need specific hypotheses before running any analysis blindly. What kind of observation are you trying to make?
We have one online tutorial for MEG resting recordings online: http://neuroimage.usc.edu/brainstorm/Tutorials/RestingOmega
If you are not familiar with Brainstorm, start by reading all the introduction tutorials in the section “Get started” of the tutorials page.