Export crosshair position from MRI viewer to Matlab/ smooth display MRI viewer

  1. We would like to measure Euclidean distances for crosshair positions in the MRI viewer. Is it possible to export them to Matlab?
  2. One additional request regarding the MRI viewer: In clinical MRI viewers, the display is smoothed. This function is already available in Brainstorm for time-frequency plots. Could you establish that for the MRI viewer as well?

@mheers, thank you for your suggestions.

A way to get the current cross position with the MRI Viewer figure open:

sMri = panel_surface('GetSurfaceMri', gcf);
Handles = bst_figures('GetFigureHandles', gcf);
coords =  figure_mri('GetLocation', CoordinateSystem, sMri, Handles); % in meters

The CoodinateSystem can be 'voxel', 'mri', 'scs', 'mni', 'world'.
See this links for more details on each coord system:

We will take a look to this. @tmedani

Thanks a lot for the explanation on how to export the cursor position from the MRI viewer. It we probably safe us a lot of time!

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