Export some scouts to User scout

Can I add an established scout (e.g., Desikan-Killiany L precentral) to user scout, and then add self-defined scouts? So that I could analyze connectivity between precentral cortex and supplemental motor area (not defined in any available scouts, so I would have to draw manually).

With the Desikan-Killiany atlas selected, select the scouts you want to copy and click on the Save button.
In the "User scouts" atlas, click on the Load button, select the file format "Brainstorm scouts", and select the file you just saved.

You can do the same with the menu "Scout > Export to Matlab" and "Scout > Import from Matlab", this would avoid saving a file to the hard drive.

Note that this precentral ROI is probably too large for using it as a scout for functional analysis. Test this carefully with your data before using it automatically with all your subejcts, and compare this approach against a smaller ROI manually defined based on the source maps.

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Thank you!
Yes, the precentral ROI is large. Normally a hand knob within the precentral will be an ROI.
But we are dealing with patient data with a lesion in the hand knob in the precentral. So we can't really anatomically select a narrower ROI other than precentral. Does it make sense?

Hi @Francois
Is it possible to script that, please? If yes, how?

Yes, by simply adding directly the scouts to the desired atlas in the structure of the cortex surface. Be careful to produce correct structures, and no multiple scouts with the same name.

The callback function "Scout > Import from Matlab" is defined in panel_scout, line 3875. You can navigate from this function to find the code you need.

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