Exporting time series to matlab

Hi everyone,

I'm relatively new to Brainstorm and using it for source localization for my undergrad research. I have been trying to figure out a way to export the scout time series to Matlab but haven't found any luck. I specifically want to export the PAS-B12 Lobes time series to a .mat file.

Apologies for the lack of information. Thanks for any help!


Hi @a13,

To export the Scout time series as variables you can:

  1. Use the process process_extract_scout: Process "Extract > Scouts time series".
    Set Atlas, Scouts, Scout function and other options according your needs
  2. Run the process, a matrix file (iconMatrix) with the desired time series will be created.
  3. Right-click on the matrix file and select "File > Export to Matlab"
  4. The Scout time series are in the Value field of the exported structure


Hi @Raymundo.Cassani

Thanks for your help. Although I cant get it to work as it mentions the following error and I cant seem to find a solution to this:

I appreciate the help! Thanks so much.

This error happens because the input files in the Process1 were none or wrong type. In fact the process process_extract_scout should have been grayed out.

The Extract > Scout time series process needs source files as inputs: iconResultLink or iconResult

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