Exporting to Neuroscan

Hi everyone!
In the lab we use Neuroscan format a lot, I really need the files in Neuroscan cnt format for my job and is a very popular EEG format

I know BS can read the Neuroscan. Cnt files, but I was wandering if you would consider adding an export option, to get the files un this format

I think the same utility (in eeglab) that reads Neuroscan cnt files can convert and export to the same format but I do not know anyone Who actually succeded doing that

Please help!!

Thanks in advances

If I may ask, why would it be the case? Is not the EDF+ format supported also on the Neuroscan software?

There is the function writecnt in the neuroscanio plugin for EEGLAB (https://github.com/sccn/neuroscanio). However, it seems it has not been thoughtfully tested as it's labelled as beta:https://eeglab.org/tutorials/misc/Exporting_Data.html

Adding and testing the export to Neuroscan .cnt files is not a current priority. But you're more than welcome to experiment with it, and if everything goes well we can add the feature.

I'd suggest you to test the writecnt with data already imported in Brainstorm (which can be easily accessed as Matlab variables and files), and check if the resulting .cnt file can be read as has all the data that you expect.

I understand,
thanks for the reply