Extracting channel data from epochs with different time samples

Dear BST community,
This request is related to this post that I made a few days ago.

I noticed that the extract_process cannot handle epochs with different time samples.
Can this be amended so that I can extract a group of epochs with different time samples?

Hi @mcp0228,

Please do not report a question to put in on top of the board.
We answer all the posts as fast as we can.

Hi @Raymundo.Cassani
Thank you for your reply.
Apologies, it was never my intention to seem like I was pushing your team to answer my questions as fast as possible. I just thought that due to the similar theme of this request to the previous post that I made, I thought it best to reference that earlier post so that you have a better understanding of where I am coming from with suggesting this request! :slight_smile:
Sorry if the message came as pressuring - was not my intention at all.

No worries :wink:
In fact, due to the similar theme, it makes more sense to keep in in the same post.

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