Extracting meta data from raw .cnt files


During today's workshop, it was mentioned that it's possible to use brainstorm to extract information from raw cnt files if they're from Neuroscan (information like subject ID, date of creation, etc.). What functions are used to do this? Can we choose which headers to extract using these functions?

Is it also possible to do this with EEProbe cnt files?

Thank you in advance!

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These are the functions related to read Neuroscan .eeg , .avg and .cnt files (including the headers).

The EEprobe continuous data (also .cnt) is different from the Neuroscan .cnt format. You can find functions to read EEProbe files in Matlab in: https://robertoostenveld.nl/eeprobe/


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ANT EEProbe files are also natively supported in Brainstorm:

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