Extracting sPAC.DirectPAC maps to user matrices

Hey everyone,

I am interested in doing some analyses on the PAC maps from some sensor data. When run the phase-amplitude coupling process, the corrresponding map is stored in the 4D sPAC.DirectPAC matrix, but when I try to average this across trials, I only get the 1D TF variable. I was wondering if there is an easy way to extract the PAC maps and create a user matrix? Is there a process that exists that handles this, or will I need to come up with something? Also, if I decide to improvise, what are the necessary attributes of a bst user matrix?


Hi Nick,

The implementation of the PAC files is not finalized yet, we might change the structure of those files in a near future.
There are some operations that are not available on the PAC files yet…

To average the DirectPAC values across trials, you can select all the trials in the Process1 list and select the option “Save average PAC across trials” in the process options.
For other operations on the DirectPAC matrix, you would have to write your own script…


Hi Francois,

I am interested in exporting the individual directPAC files to MATLAB workspace for further analysis. I've been used Extract > Extract Values for all my other time-frequency analyses just fine in order to create a single file containing all the data, which I then export to MATLAB.

When trying to do this with multiple subject PAC files, I get the error that this is not supported for PAC yet.

I just wanted to confirm this is still the case? Or am I doing something wrong with the attempted extraction?


The PAC files have many specific fields that are not handled by most generic Brainstorm functions.

If you want to write scripts based on PAC results, you can read the files directly from your script with Matlab's load function.