Failed to import .mat file in review raw file in brainstorm

I am facing issue regarding the EEG data import in brainstorm. It is showing this error --

please resolve this issue

What is the origin of the file that you are importing?

It is in .csv file

You need to have your file format within the supported list, please check here:

okay thank you and is there any other way i c
an import .csv file of eeg recording

Since a .csv file is just a text file with comma-separated values, the way to import it to Brainstorm is by using the format: EEG: ASCII text (*.*). Before doing that you need to know how the data is organized either [nChannels, nSamples] or [nSamples, nChannels].

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thank you so much !! it is working now

Hi tmedani, when I import .mat file I meet this error, please help me

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