Failure to create motion-corrected file

Hi François,

I started using BST earlier this year to analyze my fNIRS data. In my pre-processing protocol, we made a manual selection of motion artifacts and created a path: “motion-corrected” by the following path: Move "link to row file" to "Files to process" - Run - NIRS - motion correction. So, the “motion-corrected” file was created. However, my colleagues from the lab, who downloaded a version of BST in Octoberr, cannot generate this “motion-corrected” file. In Run -NIRS path, they just have two options: “Detect bad channels” and “compute concentration”. Are you going to put back the old content? Are you proposing a new way of handling the fNIRS data?

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Gabriela Cintra Januário

I take the liberty to answer for Francois. :slight_smile:

To my knowledge, Brainstorm have always been able to only remove bad channels and to compute concentrations. To do more processing as shown in the nirs tutorial, you will need to download NIRSTORM, a plugin that is especially made to analyze nirs data.

You can have more information in the following tutorial : Tutorials/NIRSFingerTapping - Brainstorm
or on GitHub :

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Hi Edouard!

Thank you very much for your reply! However, I am quite intrigued :thinking:, since I did the preprocessing of my NIRS data using Brainstorm. In my Brainstorm I have all these options:


But, indeed, I am not managing to progress in the analysis. Thanks for the links. I will try to guide myself by them.



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yes, that is nirstorm. I recently made some change in the menu configuration. So if you download nirstorm now; it should look like this:

Capture d’écran 2020-11-06 à 22.16.21

don't hesitate if you have any question regarding on how to analyze your data :slight_smile:

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Although I don’t remember installing the NIRSTORM plugin, things make more sense now. I will study, and I will not refuse your help if I cannot progress in the analysis. Thank you very much for your guidance!



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