FasTrak 3D plotting electrodes without MRI scans Question

Our lab uses FasTrak to map electrodes that are secured onto an EEG cap and placed on our participant's heads. We then use the FasTrak stylus to register each of the 64 electrodes on the cap (32 yellow and 32 green). Our goal is to use the output data which contains the X, Y, and Z coordinates to co-register the placement of these electrodes against our participant's MRI scans. I am out of our lab where I would have access to the participant's MRI scans however, all I have are the text files that contain the X,Y, and Z coordinates. While looking at the text files I noticed that there are far too many coordinates. For instance, there should only be 64 groups of XYZ coordinates and instead there are sometimes 360. This leads me to believe the person doing FasTrak is clicking more than they should be. What I would like to do is use these coordinates to visualize the electrodes in 3D space to see if there is overlap in the coordinates. Is there a way to import the text files into BS without the MRI scans?

Thank you!

You always need an anatomical reference for displaying anything in Brainstorm, because all the 3D information is converted to the CTF/SCS coordinate system which is based on the anatomical landmarks NAS/LPA/RPA. You need these points defined in order to import 3D digitized points.

However, you can use a template anatomy, and ignore the anatomy itself.

  • Create a new subject in your protocol and select the options "Default anatomy: Yes" and "Default channel file: No, use one channel file per acquisition run".
  • Switch to the functional data view
  • Right-click on the empty subject > New folder, name it the way you want
  • Right-click on the new folder > Import channel file, and select the file format and location.