File type not recognized

Hi All,

Ive preprocessed some EEG data with EEGLAB and have imported the files into brainstorm. Ive been following the epilepsy tutorial in order to analyse the data, but have hit an error at the averaging step. After trying to start the 'Average' process, I get the following error message:

*** Error: Line 2130:  bst_get (line 2130)*
*** File type is not recognized.*
*** *
*** Call stack:*
*** >bst_get.m at 2130*
*** >bst_process.m>GetInputStruct at 1511*
*** >bst_process.m>Run at 278*
*** >bst_process.m at 38*
*** >panel_process1.m>RunProcess at 138*
*** >panel_process1.m at 26*
*** >gui_brainstorm.m>CreateWindow/ProcessRun_Callback at 777*
*** >bst_call.m at 28*
*** >gui_brainstorm.m>@(h,ev)bst_call(@ProcessRun_Callback) at 298*

I didnt have any problems importing the data, and can visualise it without issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



It seems the problem was because of how some of the event in the eeglab file were named. Brainstorm didnt like when they started with a number. All works fine after changing the naming.

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Great to hear & thanks for reporting it.

@gopie, thanks for finding this issue. In general Brainstorm handles well event labels with numbers.

Can you copy/paste the file name of one of the files that is giving troubles?
Right-click on one of the imported data files > File view content and copy the file Name


Hi Raymundo,

See below for the file details. The issue seems to stem from the event label, which included spaces before the name and started with a number (i.e., ' 2back'). Hope it helps.



Path: C:\brainstorm_db\pilot\data
Name: NewSubject/E004_2Back_preproc/data.mat

|- F: [60x501 double]
|- Std: []
|- Comment: ' 2Back (#1)'
|- ChannelFlag: [60x1 double]
|- Time: [1x501 double]
|- DataType: 'recordings'
|- Device: 'EEGLAB'
|- nAvg: 1
|- Leff: 1
|- Events: [0x0 struct]
|- ColormapType: []
|- DisplayUnits: []
|- History: {3x3 cell}