Finding ICA time series files


Hi everyone,
I've got a query concerning the ICA time series files generated on Brainstorm.

I'm working with eeg data that requires preprocessing and artefact removal. I have completed the essential steps for my pipeline (notch, bandpass, resample etc) and successfully ran ICA on my data sample. I understand these files are also saved as back-up in the "brainstorm_db" folder.
I am not sure what the ICA time series files are supposed to look like, but I am assuming it will be a large dataset/matrices.

My question, how do I find the ICA time series and how do I import them into MATLAB?

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The instructions are available in the tutorials:

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Hi Francois,

Thank you for your response.
I have looked at both of those links in the past, but I couldn't connect the dots. I had a more in-depth look at ICA and the u=mx equation and found a way to compute the IC components time series through matlab.

I now see how the method in the link saves the Projectors file that I can access through Matlab:

I learned that the ICA component time series file (component x time) isn't saved by default, but it can be easily computed.

Thank you for your help!