Forward model suspend in assembling head matrix


What does it mean that when I compute the head model the program suspend and this point (without ending):


is there any error displayed on the matlab terminal?

also, it can be very long if you have a very refined mesh,
what is the resolution of the surface that are you using?

Open a resource monitor of your operating system to check the memory and CPU usage.
If the memory usage goes above 95%, the performance will start to degrade dramatically, and you should consider reducing the resolution of the meshes you are using.

To kill a process you started in Brainstorm: click on the Matlab command window and press CTRL+C multiple times. Then you can safely close the Brainstorm progress bar.

If you see a red message in the Matlab command window, this indicates that an error occurred and that Brainstorm is not processing anything. In that case too, close the progress bar manually.