Generate connectivity graphs with modelled time series


I have generated a 68 source time series data(corresponding to Desikan-Killainy atlas) using a whole brain computational model. I was looking to use the brainstorm connectivity functionality to plot N*N circular connectivity maps (AEC, PLV etc.). How do I go about doing this ? I can imagine importing the data to brainstorm but I’m not sure about the exact steps.


Hi Anagh,

If you can get your data matrix (size=[68 x Ntime]) as a variable in the Matlab workspace, you can create a folder anywhere in your Brainstorm database, right-click on it > File > Import data matrix > select the corresponding variable and then enter its sampling frequency.

It will create a new files with your data in the database. This file can already be sent to all the processes in the Connectivity menu.
If you want to add labels to the various signals: right-click on the new “matrix” file > File > Export to Matlab, replace the Description field with an cell array of strings with the exat same dimensions. THen right-click again on the file > File > Import from Matlab > Select the variable name that you exported.

There are many other ways to proceed but the would involve some Matlab scripting. We only have interface menus to import recordings (MEG,EEG,…)


Hi Francois,

The solution works like a charm! Thank you very much .
One minor question- Why can’t we save the connectivity graphs? Right now I’m taking a screen shot.


The connectivity graphs are views of the underlying connectivity matrices, that are saved on the database. You can display these matrices with a wright-click > Display as image.

For accessing the connectivity matrix, see these forum posts: