Granger causality interpretation

Dear community:
I am writing in order to try to understand bivariate granger causality (spectral) graph. I don't know how to intepret the graph. It shows usually higher values of connectivity for yellow and lower for purple. Then how do I know which is A or B assuming A-->B. And if I open the image 'Display as an image' how do I know A or B from the [AxB] or [BxA]. I assume is the former.

In the existing connectivity graphs, the Granger results do not use the colormap as the other measures. The color represent the directionnality of the measure: from the low color (in the colorbar) to the high color, or green for bidirectional connections.
In the spectrum or image views, if you click on a value, you'll see its label with the format "A x B", it means the value from A to B.

Note that we are in the process of updating these graph figures and they will soon change a lot.