Grass Telefactor EEG files

Hi everyone!
Does anyone know how to import an EEG file from Grass Twinlook (.ref) format to BS?

It would be so useful work with that files, I know Besa (Matlab based software) can import that format, so I guess it is possible to load Grass files into matlab, but I don't know how.

Many clinical EEG are delivered in this format

Thanks in advance!

ps: If you wish I can attach an example file


Hello: if the data file structure is known and documented somewhere, we can certainly look into this? Do you know if EEGLab can read those for instance?

It looks like this company was bought by Natus, which means that there is probably no hope for getting any research-oriented support or open-source software for reading the files. By trying to read these files outside of their proprietary software, the only thing you might get is a lawsuit.

However, it looks like you should be able to export these recordings to EDF+, either with their acquisition software or with NicoletOne. Then you'd be able to import them into Brainstorm.

Thanks a lot! :)!