Group analysis tutorial and sharing a db folder

I have two questions. First, where can I find a tutorial for group analysis. I need to compare people with and without trauma exposure in PSD during baseline and a cognitive task. Can you show me the link to the relevant tutorial? Second, I wonder if I can store my EEG data on an external hard drive and work in different places using different computers(both home and work)? I sometimes needs to do analysis and pull up the results at home. I copied the brainstorm_db folder to an external hard drive and reset the path to the db folder, but it didn't work.


  • We have a new, full tutorial ongroup analysis and soon a companion Frontiers paper (in press):|(group)|(analysis)

  • Yes, you can have your data on a USB drive and use different workstations as long as ALL your data is on it: both the raw and brainstorm_db folder. You can use the zip function in Brainstorm to readily export your entire database or just a selected study. The RAW data is not mandatory, unless you want to go back to it, re-epoch, compute PSD on continuous files so better to be safe with them on the drive as well.