Gyrification index maps

Hello Francois and other Brainstorm experts,

Some team members and I were wondering if some of my results were dependent on the subject's cortical anatomy. To investigate this, we were suggested to look into the gyrification index. As it turns out, it seems like someone wanted to get similar information in the past as you can see from this post:

We did our best to follow the instructions in there, but we hit a few walls. What we think we need is actually to access this process

We looked the best we could and were not able to locate it.
Where could I find a step-by-step tutorial of how to obtain gyrification index maps in Brainstorm?

Thank you for your help,

To access this process: keep the Process1 list empty, click Run, select process Import > Import anatomy > Segment MRI with CAT12.

If you are facing any issue with this process, please post the full error messages (copy-paste them from the Matlab command window).

Hello Francois,

Thanks to your quick answer, we were able to run the process.
We're having some difficulties finding the output. As a reminder, we're looking specifically for a gyrification index map.

We get a few prints in the command window such as:

BST> Saving scouts in surface: Subject/test_lh.central.freesurfer.mat
BST> Saving scouts in surface: Subject/tess_rh.central.freesurfer.mat

The team member working on this aspect of the project reports that these can't be found neither in the subject's anat folder nor within Brainstorm's anatomy tab.

Where could we find our desired output?

Thanks again

After additional digging, we have found the gyrification map under the functional data tab. It makes sense now that I think of it.


Indeed, the surface measures are saved as source maps in the functional part of the protocol.

Note that I've just made a few changes to the code, please see this other forum thread: