Head model needed for each subject?

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I’m wondering if the head model is required for each subject in my database. I’m using a template for different age ranges. 7-13, 14-17, and 18-45. Should I calculate the head model individually or is it better to calculate three head models and copy it over to other subjects?

If you are using the same anatomy and the same positions of channels for a group of subjects, you can compute the head model for one subject and then copy-paste it to the other similar subjects.

However, you will need to estimate the sources individually for each subject because the minimum norm model uses the noise covariance matrix and SSP/ICA projectors, which are different for each recording session.

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A related question: how can I script the process to copy the head model from one folder to other specific folders while looping in a list of subjects? I looked if there’s a function similar to db_set_noisecov(iSrcStudy, iDestStudy), which I used together with bst_get to get the iStudy, but for head models instead, and I wasn’t successful.


Hi Simone,

@MartinC introduced a similar function db_set_headmodel last month:


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Awesome! Thanks a lot!