Help! Emotions detection in brainwaves (using Brainstorm)

Hello everybody.
May someone from here help me with an emotion detection in brainwaves by EEG signals? Maybe some articles or step by step tutorial for a better understanding on how emotions can be identified from different EEG data. I am interested in that subject and I discovered Brainstorm recently… I am a Medical Engineering Student, passionate about Neuroscience and I simply fell in love with this application. I really want to improve my knowledge about it. I found this topic about emotions really interesting and I would love to learn more about it.
Thank you for your kindness and help!

You should review the rich literature about the analysis of emotions in EEG before trying to jump directly in the data analysis. You will need a lot of background knowledge before being able to process any EEG data.

You can find some starting points in the list of publications using Brainstorm:
But most of this field has probably been using EEGLAB for the past 20 years, so you would find more literature on their end.