Help extracting brainstorm connectivity data

Hi there !
Nice to meet you all, my name is Pedro and I'm starting to use Brainstorm for my research in neurophysics.

I'm utilizing Brainstorm to calculate the connectivity matrices and then I export all of them to Matlab to calculate graph parameters manually.
The thing is, in my case I have a connectivity matrix every second for 6 seconds, 4 tasks per run (left hand, right hand), and 5 runs per session.
So I need to export 240 connectivity matrices per session, for every subject.
Is there any way I could export this data without selecting it with the cursor?
I'm uploading an image to illustrate my issue.

Thanks in advance! I hope you all have a nice week!

First, search for your files with a database request:

Refer to the Scripting tutorial to learn how to use this search in a script:
Tutorials/Scripting - Brainstorm