Henv error when using new AEC function (2022)

Dear BS experts,

I receive an error when computing the new AEC

Same data I used with the old AEC function with no issues.

Thank you in advance!

You get this error because you tried to use the option "Split large data in ... blocks": you set the value to something larger than 1. And the last version of the code was not ready to work with this option.

I tried to fix it here: Bugfix: HENV: Attempt to make the split option work · brainstorm-tools/brainstorm3@fe7b654 · GitHub
But the safest option is probably for you to keep this option to 1, unless necessary.

@hossein27en @Raymundo.Cassani

Oh I see, it defaulted to 4 for some reason.

This indeed solved the issue!

Thank you Francois.