How load a .txt file of eeg on brainstorm

I have a recording of eeg in . txt format and would like to know how I could upload it to brainstorm in order to proceed with the analyses.
Below I show my sample file
thanks for your help

The best solution would be for you to export your recordings again using a more modern binary format (e.g. EDF).
This text file with only 3 significant digits for each value does not seem like an appropriate support for storing EEG recordings.

If you want to import this file in a Brainstorm database using the file format "EEG: ASCII text"), you would need to edit the file first, to remove the first three columns (with a program like notepad++, do a vertical selection with ALT+mouse click, then delete the entire block).

The header lines will be ignored, you can either delete them or set the parameter "Skip head lines" to 9.

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