How to epoching with a script

Hi dear Francois

I want to generate A script that automatically completes the step 'import in database' to epoch the raw. But I found that I could only implement it on a GUI. Would you please tell me what I should do to create such a script file卡卡截图_2020-12-11 09_40_36.327

Almost everything in the GUI has a "process" version, and can be scripted.
Look in Import > Import recordings.

The files brainstorm3/script/tutorial_*.m reproduce the analysis presented in all the online tutorials.
If you are planning to scripts some of your analysis in Brainstorm, I'd recommend you start by reading this entire page.

Note that it is not particularly recommended to use the option to share channel files across folders in a subject. Using one channel file per folder reduces the risks of manipulation errors.