How to reload subjects into brainstorm after removal

Hello everyone,

I removed a few subjects from my brainstorm protocol and wanted to reload them. After right-clicking on the protocol and trying the reload function, they didnt re-appear.
All of their folders (including the processed datafiles) are still in my brainstorm database folder, but I dont know how to reload them into brainstorm.

Any advice or ideas?

Thanks alot!

There is not remove subjects option. If you use the option right-click File > Delete for the Subject, if does start the process of deleting the Subject, its Anatomy files and all its Studies (with the files in them) from the Brainstorm database, and from the HDD.

To regenerate the Protocol database from the existing files in HDD:

  1. Close Brainstorm and Matlab
  2. Go to your protocol folder
  3. Delete the file Protocol/data/protocol.mat
  4. Start Brainstorm, and select your Protocol

If after this, it has troubles finding the Subject and its files, it is likely that important files for the Subject and its Studies were deleted from the disk when the Delete option was selected.

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Hi and thank you so much for your answer!

Sadly your option with deleting and reloading the protocol.mat didnt work out, but I found another way to fix my problem.
I created a new folder in my database and copied my old subject files into that folder (which were still visible on my harddrive, but couldnt get reloaded for some reason).
After that, I created a new subject folder with the new folder name in Brainstorm and tried reloading again - which worked!

Thanks alot :slight_smile: