I would like to download older version of Brainstorm

Currently, I am encountering an issue with the jagged shape of the helmet (image). There are a few potential reasons for this problem:

  1. The use of Yokogawa MEG with both axial and planar gradiometers, where each gradiometer has a different radial distance from the head center. This discrepancy in distances can result in a jagged shape when deriving the helmet surface.

  2. The utilization of older Yokogawa MEG data from 2016. This can lead to loading errors due to compatibility issues with the new loading program.

To investigate whether the problem is related to a loading error or a GUI problem, I would like to download the 2016s version of Brainstorm.

In this link you can download Brainstorm from Oct 2016 (oldest version available in out GitHub)

Could you share the a sample file that causes the issue, to understand what is going on?
Upload the file somewhere and post the download links here.

Thank you for your response!
I will download and try it.
Regarding the sample files, I will confirm the rights and anonymity, and if I can provide them, I will reply again.