ICA Component no channels found


I have a 63 channel EEG file, and when I try to run ICA component it shows me this error;
Error: [process_ica] Artifacts > ICA components
Channels not found.
File: s02_base/@raws02_base_band/data_0raw_s02_base_band.mat
I have tried running the ICA component multiple times and I always have the same error. I use Brainstorm on my Macbook Air, and a colleague of mine has been able to run the exact same files and processes on her Macbook Pro, so I do not think it is an issue with the file. Any advice on how I can fix this?

Hi @malikaquerido,

Be sure that the field Sort components based on correlation with (empty=none): is really empty.
I was able to replicate the reported error by placing spaces in that field:


Hi Raymundo,

Thank you, I followed your advice and I was able to perfectly run the ICA component.