ICA topography visualization error



I have a set of 64-channel EEG data that I'd like to pre-process.
I try to visualize ICA components topography but came across an error:
However, time series of ICA components can be shown correctly.
How can I fix this error? Thanks!

I don't understand how this error could happen, I would need the data for further debugging.
Could you please share you file?

  • In the subject folder, if you have multiple recording sessions or files that are already epoched/computed: right-click on the subject folder > Duplicate subject, then in the duplicated subject, delete recordings except the raw file concerned by this bug report.
  • right-click on the "Link to raw file" > File > Copy to database (if the menu is not available, it means that the file is already saved as a .bst file in the database folder, you can ignore this step)
  • right-click on the subject folder > File > Export subject
  • upload the .zip file somewhere and post the download link here

Alternatively or in the meantime, try computing the ICA with a different set of parameters, in particular changing the number of ICA components.