Identification of right ICA components to remove

Hi Team,
I performed ICA-Picard and passed VEOG, HEOG as reference channels. I saw the topo plot for first 25 ICA components and shortlisted IC2,5,6 as reflective of eyeblink source.

However, in the time series, I see IC3 also having co-relation with VEOG peaks. but, it's topo plot doesn't show an active source in frontal regions.

Also, after zooming on IC6 - (it's amplitude is less as compared to IC2,3) - I see, it is co-related with VEOG pretty nicely. However, removing or keeping it doesn't show any visible change in the MEG trace.

Similarly for IC5.
Now, I am not sure if I should remove IC5,6 on based on time trace and IC3 based on topo plot. What would you suggest?
Also, from the following discussion: ICA Components with correlation level - I was thinking of exporting the variance variable in matlab to see the %co-relation of each component. Can you suggest me of some other better way to view ?

Hi Team,
I am a bit confused in the following image. I would like to remove IC3 and 4. So, when I check these components - I expected the time trace to almost a straight line as seen in IC4. I am not sure, why IC3 is still showing all the components. Can you help me out here?