Import OpenBCI txt file recorded with ganglion board

How can I import an EEG .txt file format recording from the OpenBCI Ganglion board?
I did not find the specific file type
Is there a way to add the file type or convert it to one that can be opened by Brainstorm?

the header is: Sample Index, EXG Channel 0, EXG Channel 1, EXG Channel 2, EXG Channel 3, Accel Channel 0, Accel Channel 1, Accel Channel 2, Other, Other, Other, Other, Other, Timestamp, Other, Timestamp (Formatted)

Also is there a max file size? my file has 3.63 GB

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First of all, it is very inefficient to save such gigantic text files.
I recommend you use other alternatives offered by OpenBCI, like the BDF format, which is natively supported by Brainstorm, FieldTrip and EEGLAB.

It does not look like the OpenBCI text file is a fixed file format. It looks more like OpenBCI saves CSV files with a list of columns that depends on the acquisition setup. Therefore, we cannot really make it a file format directly supported by Brainstorm.

Now I guess you already have your recordings available in this CSV file and you need to find a way to process it. The first option I could recommend would be to look for a solution to convert this gigantic text file to a binary file in a standard EEG format (EDF, BDF or BrainVision).

If you can't find any easy solution for doing that, two options:

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