Support for Wearable Sensing .csv

I have a problem with uploading .csv and .mat file (link for the data: into Brainstorm. I got the following error messages correspondingly:

csv mat


For the .csv file:
This is not a Muse file, is it?
Where does it come from?
I'd suggest you keep only the columns containing the channel data, and import it in Brainstorm with the file format "EEG: ASCII text".

For the .mat files, they must contain at least lease one variable with a data array, without additional layers of substructures. Most software that would export their data files to "Matlab files" would not be readable in this way in Brainstorm.
What are you trying to do exactly?

.csv file is raw output file from Wearable Sensing EEG recording. OK, I will follow your recommendation on that.

.mat files are processed data using customer matlab scripts, I wanted to open and visualize them.

I added a basic support for raw Wearable Sensing .csv files:

When selecting "Review raw file", you can now find "EEG: Wearable Sensing" at the end of the list of supported file formats.

I don't know how to identify events from this file format. If you have any information about this, of anything does not work as expected, please let me know.

For the Matlab files: if this does not correspond to any standard file format, you will need to rewrite them with only one field containing the data matrix.

Thanks Francois.
I can now review .csv file.

OK, I will check my .mat files

Thank you Francois,

Wearable Sensing's EEG devices output data as .CSV or as .EDF.

There are 2 possible ways to get Markers into the EEG stream:

1. Triggers: Triggers are 8-bit signals that are sent to the headset via the trigger box and digitized simultaneously with the EEG data. (The trigger hub has many input and output modalities). This produces high timing accuracy markers with <1ms jitter. These triggers can be used for ERP or synchronization with other devices. They are stored as an additional data channel, with values of 0 or 255, reflecting the state of the Trigger Channel at every time point.

2. Events: Events are software-generated codes that users can Mark in the software via a software button or shortcut in the software. Events have numerical codes and alphanumeric messages that are stored in the EEG data file. The timing of the events is not very high accuracy. These events are suitable for marking the approximate time a task starts, or if a subject sneezes. They should not be used for ERP or device synchronization. Events numbers and messages are stored in separate columns in the .CSV files and as Events in the EDF files.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you need more information or sample files with Triggers & Events.

Best wishes,


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Hi Walid,

Thank you for the information.
Can you please share short examples illustrating the two types of events?
(upload the files somewhere and post the download links here)