Import subject folder from older protocol


I had to delete two subject folders from my protocol. I have the same protocol backed up elsewhere. I want to copy the two subject folders from back up into the protocol (these included original raw files and filtered file and epoch folders). I copied those same folders into the protocol folder in my database from my back up but I'm not sure how to import into my protocol without having to link to the review file and starting from scratch (filtering, ICA, import epochs, etc)?

I think you can copy back only the subject folders from your backup to the protocol currently loaded in Brainstorm. You just need to reload the database after.

  1. Copy the folder: backup_protocol/anat/subjectname => protocol/anat/subjectname
  2. Copy the folder: backup_protocol/data/subjectname => protocol/data/subjectname
  3. Go to the anatomy view of the protocol
  4. Right-click on the top node in the database explorer > Reload