Importing channel events from brainvision analyzer

I have a question regarding import of channel markers into brainstorm: When I import epoched data with artifacts in certain channels to brainstorm, the information about the channel the artifact-marker applies to, is missing. All markers (including stimuli, reactions etc) were imported, but are marked for all channels. Is there a way to import these channel markers? In further analyses I would like to reject only the channels with artifacts, not the whole segment.

I imported the epoched data from brainvision analyzer in the dat., vmrk, vhdr format into brainstorm. All segments and markers were imported correctly, except in case of channel markers. When I look at the .mat file of the event that is created after importing it, events.channels is empty. The brainvision vmrk file however did contain the information on the channel:

[Marker Infos]
; Each entry: Mk<Marker number>=<Type>,<Description>,<Position in data points>,
; <Size in data points>, <Channel number (0 = marker is related to all channels)>,
; <Date (YYYYMMDDhhmmssuuuuuu)>, Visible
; Fields are delimited by commas, some fields may be omitted (empty).
; Commas in type or description text are coded as "\1".
Mk1=Bad Interval,Bad Gradient,1,2000,8
Mk2=Bad Interval,Bad Gradient,1,2000,40

Thanks in advance!

Importing channel-wise events from Brain Vision Analyzer has not been implemented yet.

Could you provide us with one or two recordings (comprising .dat, .vmrk, .vhdr files) with channel-wise events, as well as with all-channel events? This to verify the proper importing both types of events. Thank you!

@HannahB, this has been added in commit f357a60
Update your Brainstorm instance to get the fix.

Thank you for the example files