Importing EGI RAW files did not keep continuous


I am re-learning how to use Brainstorm after 10 years. I tried to import a continuous RAW format file, and it epoched it anyway. Here is an outline of what I did. Please advise on next steps to resolve this.

-Jeff Eriksen

my Protocol: EGI
add subject

import EEG
check events
uncheck read as epoched
uncheck import bad

import EEG-EGI-RAW window
uncheck split time blocks
check Use events
check remove DV offset
uncheck resample
uncheck separate folder per event

what is did was this:
separate folders for each event type
under these, separate files for each event epoch

Use the menu "Review raw file" instead of "Import MEG/EEG".

The software evolved a lot in 10 years, I'd recommend you read the new introduction tutorials.

Thank you.