Importing electrode MNI coordinates and Displaying on Viewer


We imported the MNI coordinates of depth electrodes we got from Fieldtrip into Brainstorm. When we tried to display the electrodes on the MRI visualization, the electrodes weren't correctly aligned as brainstorm operates on MRI coordinates even when MNI normalized. Is there a way for the viewer to operate on MNI coordinates so it'll be possible to import coordinate data into brainstorm without alignment problems?

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You can decide which coordinate system to use for the position of the electrodes, when importing from a text file (file format "EEG: ASCII" or "EEG: BIDS electrodes.tsv": SCS, MRI scanner coordinates ("world coordinates") or MNI.

When using the positions from the FieldTrip .mat files, these would be expected to be in SCS/CTF coordinates only. You'd need to edit the channel to convert the positions to SCS coordinates (as in the Brainstorm database, all the 3D coordinates must be in SCS), or save the positions as a separate .txt file (e.g. columns Name,X,Y,Z) and import the coordinates explicitly as MNI coordinates.