Importing in Database - Baseline problem


I am having a problem with baselines for my events from SEEG data. The experiment is a basic presentation of faces with different emotions. I have added the event times from an outside .txt file and they all seem to be correctly captured in the raw data file. However when I want to import the events in database for further analysis, for some reason, I can't choose the epoch time. Is is automatically selected for me (-1000, 2000) this time window would be good but then when I open the time series for each category, the is not the 1000ms before the onset and thus I am missing my baseline.

This problem does not occur when I read the events from my trigger channel using Brainstorm. But in this case, I get 120 events that are in the same category and then I cannot distinguish between them which is crucial for the experiment.

Any suggestions what I should do? Please see the image of the 'Import in database' step.

Thank you for your help!


Hi Daniel,

The issue here is that your events are extended (thus the [ext] in their name). As such when importing, the epoch values are ignored (-1000-2000ms) and the duration of the events is used, which I assume is 2000ms.

Change your events from extended to simple (point) events.

  • Open your raw file, then in the Event section of the Recording tab, select your Event groups
  • Go to the menu, Events > Convert to simple event
  • Here, you may want to select Start. So the simple event will be located at the beginning of the extended event, i.e, at time 0.
  • Close the figure to save the changes in the Events
  • Then proceed to import, and you should be able to set the Epoch time to -1000-2000ms or the desired values


Hi Raymundo,

This worked!

Thank you very much!!