Importing multiple recordings (EEG BrainVision) with different lengths

Good morning! I have ran both the 20240207 build and the 230506 and have encountered the same problem. It was described 9 years ago (Import batch EDF files of different length).

Briefly, I have multiple recordings from each patient, in .eeg BrainVision format, that I want to load. The problem is that both using the GUI, and using the process dialog box, whenever I load multiple files, they will all take the length of the first file. This also causes the viewing of the files to fail (due to an out of bounds exception) or the trimming of longer recordings.

How can I automate the import of each recording, with the right length? I have more than 10 patients, each with 6 recordings, and I am in search of an alternative to loading each recording individually (loading them by patient is still better than loading them individually).

Thank you in advance for your answer and I would appreciate any other insights in the importing process you might have!
Respectfully yours,
Vlad-Florin Chelaru