Importing .smrx file encountered an error

Dear experts,

I attempted to import .smrx files (Spike2 files) into Brainstorm but encountered an error. Could you please suggest a solution to resolve this issue?

Start Brainstorm, run this command in the Matlab command window, and paste the answer:

which('CEDS64Open', 'all')

Thank you for your rsponse; This is answer: C:\Apps\brainstorm3\external\CEDS64ML\CEDS64Open.m

That seems right ...
Run this command in Matlab to check if there is a path already added as environment variable:


This is the answer:

ans =


That's the problem. It seems you installed 'CEDMATLAB' and that one is interfering with the way Brainstorm reads .smrx. Please remove 'C:\CEDMATLAB\CEDS64ML\' from the Windows environment variables. After that, restart Matlab, and run command to get the environment variable (previous post) and the answer should be empty. If it is not, you may need to reset your computer.

This is done so Brainstorm can use the libraries that are included with it in:

Once the environment variable has been removed, try again to link your data in Brainstorm