Inverse solution

How can extract a T in Brainstorm for this equation
ˆJ = TΦ
and how can access the variables in the brainstorm for the T in the inverse method like: mne, sLORETA,..

and another question how can use the eLORETA ? just in fieldtrip toolbox?

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Hi @ttaleei, if you are a new Brainstorm user, we recommend you start by following the introduction tutorials first (section "Get started" on the tutorial page), using the example dataset that is provided.

This is described in detail in the source estimation tutorial (part of the suggested series):

For the moment only sLORETA is implemented in Brainstorm. Check this discussion:
Loreta and Source localization - #5 by Sylvain

Thanks a lot
I read all the tutorial page. I want to match the equation in the paper for inverse solution with the brainstorm. I want to know the variable in the inverse solution. how can extract them? As I extract the lead field from brainstorm in the MATLAB workspace. please guide me

That matrix is called ImagingKernel in Brainstorm and is found here, when the result of source estimation is link:

If the result source estimation if a full sources file, the matrix multiplication is already applied in this step:

The different Minimum-norm imaging methods in Brainstorm are implemented here:

I am thankful for your help.