Ip is close to the Ac-pc axis

Hello, may I ask that before using brainstorm, I preprocessed the mri of monkey brain with primatologist, a plug-in of brainvisa, but the prompt "error: IP is close to the AC-PC axis..." always appeared. . How can we solve this problem? I guess there's something wrong with my positioning, but I don't know how to pinpoint it more accurately.

Can yo visualize the MRI template with the Brainstorm viewer?
If yes, you can edit the location of IP manually using that tool.

Yes, the 3D coordinates of the IP can be adjusted in brainvisa's plug-in primatologist. We followed brainvisa's user guide, but no matter how hard I tried to correct the IP coordinates, when I clicked run, the system kept saying "error: IP is close to the AC-PC axis..." . Do you have any better adjustment methods or suggestions?