Is there a way to save channel impedance in brainstorm file?

I'm working on scripting a pipeline in BST. It will take .rhd Intan files, import them into the database, do some filtering, downsampling, and then save into a .mat file. The Ephys .mat file and the channel.mat files will be imported into Matlab to do some further analysis in custom written Matlab scripts.

For that analysis, we need the channel impedance. And, I'm wondering is there a way to save the impedance information in the channel.mat or anywhere else in brainstorm? Anyone has had any success with this?

Hi @amadaabrego, unfortunately, there is not a field in the Channel file reserved for impedance. One thing you can try is to store the impedance values, in a matrix file, like the ones generated when extracting Scout values, or simulating data signals as shown here: