Issue plotting contact sheets

I was able to view the MRI with the CT overlayed on top to see all of the electrodes, but I wanted to get orthogonal slices of all 3 planes. That being said, I was able to do coronal slices (20) successfully, but axial and sagittal both gave me the above error. Any ideas on what to do next?

Hi @kjgrf,

Please provide more information so we can identify the issue you are experiencing.

  • What version of Brainstorm are you using?
  • From where did you started the contact sheet, MRI viewer? 3D view of orthogonal slices?

P.S. Please make a new thread if the topic is not the same

@Raymundo.Cassani sorry about that! I am using the May 15th 2024 version. I started the contact sheet from Anatomy Tab>Subject####>MRI>Display>MRI viewer. Then, I overlayed my CT (display>overlay on default MRI (MRI viewer). After the axial, sagittal, and coronal images came up with electrodes displayed, I right clicked on the resulting image and said snapshot>volume contact sheet (coronal). That worked and gave me a lovely image, but did not work and gave the code above when I tried the same process for axial and sagittal views.

Hi @kjgrf, thank you for the detail information it was useful to find the issue.

Please update your Brainstorm instance to get this issue fixed.
The problem occurred on non-isotropic MRI slices. It is now solved in commit: 040a6d0

FYI @kjgrf, now you can get contact sheets of overlayed CT (or anatomy atlas) from the MRI viewer. Update your Brainstorm instance to get this new feature.