Issues after moving database

Dear Francois,

I moved my database folder to a new computer, directed Brainstorm toward it, and everything has been read correctly.
Nonetheless, all the initial “links to raw files” I had are now impossible to visualize (since the path to my raw EEG files has changed). Is there any option to specify the new path for the whole protocol, instead of reassigning every link manually?

On the other hand, I am able to visualize the following steps (e.g., the files created after filtering - still not imported in the database), but these files do not display anymore some events I had imported. I opened the matrices in the database, and it seems that the events are still there, under Could you please tell me why are they not displayed anymore?

Finally (sorry I think this doesn’t has to do with database moving - but it concerns the same database), I have an issue with the log-transformation of time-frequency matrices (i.e., subject averages). If I visualize the raw power and the log-transformed power, the transformation seems uneffective (same values on both scales). But, if I open the matrices in matlab, the values differ and the log-transformed ones correctly correspond to 10*log10(rawPower).

Sorry for multiple questions! Thank you very much.


PS: my Brainstorm version is up-to-date

Hi Rocco,

  1. The original continuous files are not saved in the Brainstorm database. The “Link to raw files” depend on a static path on your local computer and cannot be moved easily to a new computer. You can copy them inside the database before moving the database to a different computer/hard drive using the menu File > Export protocol > Copy raw files to database. This will make local copies in .bst format of all your original files. The resulting protocol would larger but portable.
    I’m sorry, there is no easy solution for fixing the links after the database was moved.

  2. When filtering the original files, the new continuous files are saved directly in the database as .bst files, therefore the filtered files are moved correctly when moving the database to a new computer. However, you should not observe any difference in the original location and the destination location.
    If you think there is something wrong at this level, please document better this issue.

  3. The function that is used for displaying the time-frequency values is defined in the Display tab of the Brainstorm window. By default, the function is set to “power”, and the values are converted accordingly, independently from what are the actual values saved on the hard drive. Change the display option to “log” to show the log values.


Thank you very much for your response.

I will try to understand better the marker issue and eventually document it in details.