Lateral view of 2D Disk

Hello Brainstorm community. I was wondering if, by any chance, there is the possibility to develop a way to visualize the 2D Disk from a lateral point of view.
My results are mostly on the lateral right frontal and temporal cortex, and to make them more appreciable I would like to include both an "axial" and a "sagittal" images of my EEG data (obtained from the comparison between two conditions).
Thanks to whoever may suggest me a strategy or would contribute to the development of such a tool!

Hello @stefanovicentin, can you provide an example or mock-up of how this visualization would look like?

You may try using the 3D visualization of the sensor cap.

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Dear Raymundo, sorry for the late reply. I attach some images showing the top view (both 3D and 2D) and the lateral view (3D only). As you can see, it would be helpful to be able to project our results in different dimensions, in particular for temporal / insular research.