Link MRI to EDF file

I am new to Brainstorm and I am trying to modify and be able to manipulate the surface electrodes position.
For this, I uploaded a MRI and a EDF file with the electrode information.
As far as I know, I have to link this two files, however, the MRI is on the anatomy part of the interface, and the EDF file is on the functional data, and I cant link them together.
Any suggestions?
Thank you!

Make sure you replicate the related steps explained in the tutorial:

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I have been following the steps, however this error appears: "Not enough digitized head points to perform automatic registration".
Any ideas?

Do you see a channel file attached to your data? If not, you need to import an electrode montage template as shown below. Please post a screenshot of your brainstorm dashboard if this is not helping.

I solved the problem. However the program only displays 55 electrodes, and when I try to manually add the ones that are left, i get this warning:
and the electrode is not represented o the figure...
Thank you!