Loading error in cat12

Sorry for my poor English.
I am using matlab2023a and I am also using the latest version of Brain storm. when I try to load cat12 within Brain storm, I get the following error, what should I do?

BST> Emptying temporary directory...
BST> Adding plugin spm12 to path: C:\Users\RPA19008 飯室 幸士.brainstorm\plugins\spm12\spm12
BST> Adding plugin spm12 to path: C:\Users\RPA19008 飯室 幸士.brainstorm\plugins\spm12\spm12\matlabbatch
BST> Executing callback LoadedFcn: spm('defaults','EEG');
BST> Plugin spm12 already loaded: C:\Users\RPA19008 飯室 幸士.brainstorm\plugins\spm12
BST> Adding plugin cat12 to path: C:\Users\RPA19008 飯室 幸士.brainstorm\plugins\cat12\cat12
BST> Executing callback LoadedFcn: LinkCatSpm(2);
BST> Creating symbolic link: mklink /D "C:\Users\RPA19008 飯室 幸士.brainstorm\plugins\spm12\spm12\toolbox\cat12" "C:\Users\RPA19008 飯室 幸士.brainstorm\plugins\cat12"

** Error: Load error:
** Error executing callback LoadedFcn:
** 次を使用中のエラー: bst_plugin>LinkCatSpm
** Error creating link: この操作を実行するための十分な特権がありません。

From the shared information, it seems the issue is related to the special characters in the username.
Create a Windows user without special characters and try to load CAT12 from it

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