Loading neural data in matlab from clinical Nihon Kohden files


I received Nihon Kohden directories associated with different subjects which include a large number of files per subject. I'll be using these data for LFP analysis.

I believe that the neural data is in this folder: PH2 DATE (parent folder) /NKT/EEG2100/files ending with '.EEG'. Is this correct? Also, under this assumption, I tried to load these files in matlab using [sFile, ChannelMat] = in_fopen_nk(DataFile), which returned an error 'cannot open file'.

So I was wondering where to find the neural data, and how to load it in matlab.

Thank you,

Hi Sandra,

You are correct, Nihon Kohden files have the .eeg extension. The in_fopen_nk function should work provided that its input is a direct path to a .eeg file. If that doesn't work, please share the file and the full error message.


First, I would recommend you try reading these files from the interface, this way you will know quickly if your files are readable with Brainstorm or not (some Nihon Kohden formats are not...), and you will avoid losing time in trying fixing a script that will be useless anyway.

Note that in_fopen functions would return the header of the file, which you will need to pass to in_fread() to read the recordings. If you are planning on doing a lot of Brainstorm scripting, it might be easier use the support of the Brainstorm database as well (working with scripts as if you were working with the GUI):

And as Martin said, please copy-paste here the full error messages you get, it would help us understand the issues.