Mapping cortex sources to DK atlas scouts


My source inverse Brainstorm (MATLAB) structure file contains a field with the name 'SurfaceFile' whose value is 'Subject1/tess_cortex_pial_low.mat'. Shall I assume the sources computed are corresponding to the vertex locations of the surface tess_cortex_pial_low.mat? The number of vertices is 15002. The tess_cortex_pial_low.mat structure file contains a field Atlas with Atlas(4).Name as Desikan-Killiany (15002 vertices). Shall I assume that the vertices in the Atlas corresponds to the same sources in the tess_cortex_pial_low.mat?

Thank you.


Yes, tthat's correct
More info on the source results structure:

Also yes
More info on the surface structure:

Thank you so much for your prompt response. :slight_smile: