Max number of ICA components to remove

Good day!

I would like to ask something about ICA artifact cleaning:

is there an ideal number of ICA components for removing artifacts? I mean, not every artifact inside an EEG file comes from the eyes, there are some artifacts due muscular and movement contribution, so I guess ICA is also suitable for removing them,

But I guess if I remove a lot of ICA components the final signal will be weird and maybe artificial,

so is there a theoretically correct way to choose which ICA selectors shoul be removed without distort original signal or creating a false signal?

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately we do not have enough experience with ICA to address these questions correctly.
I'd recommend you look for this information in the rich literature about ICA, or by posting a message on the EEGLAB mailing list.

If you find interesting answers, please post the references here, it will definitely help other users (and the developers)! - Thanks

Thanks for the reply!
I'll do it!